University of Nebraska Omaha Expenditures

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The University of Nebraska-Omaha had a student population of 15,000 for the 2008-2009 school year. Of these students, 1400 received degrees in the May 2009 commencement ceremony. UNO provides undergraduates with a choice of 200 programs of studies and 110 bachelor’s degree programs. Post-graduate degrees include 42 masters programs and 5 doctoral programs. The campus is staffed with 585 members. “UNO’s mission as a metropolitan institution provides numerous opportunities for internships, community engagement, and diverse experiences that prepare students for jobs.”

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Salaries WagesBenefitsSupplies / MaterialsContractual ServicesRepairs / MaintenanceUtilitiesCommunicationsDepreciationScholaships / Fellowships
$86,209,000.00 $21,495,000.00 $27,200,000.00 $6,492,000.00 $5,536,000.00 $3,346,000.00 $1,420,000.00 $5,999,000.00 $11,738,000.00